About Our Menus

At Chef Michael’s Catering, all of our event menus are customized to your taste preferences, budget, lifestyle dietary requirements, even religious considerations (yes, we provide Kosher options)! In fact, it’s our absolute pleasure to work one-to-one with you, and customize exactly the menu of your choice.

That being said, we’d love you to take a look at some of our more popular catering options that just may be an off-the-shelf perfect match for your event catering needs.

We’re avid supporters of our local farmers and food purveyors in Western North Carolina. Whenever possible, we purchase locally grown produce, meats, seafood, poultry, and supplies for each recipe and event. We do not keep a freezer full of food, and we don’t use microwaves to “nuke” your food. Almost everything is made fresh, from scratch in our own kitchen. Believe us, you’ll taste the difference.

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    North Carolina Pig Pickin’ BBQ Buffet

    Asian Buffet Menu

    The Carnivore

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    Black Forest

    That’s Amore

    South of the Border

    El Sudamericano



  • Create Your Own Buffet Dinner - That’s right. Choose from our guide of buffet menu items to customize your event menu, or let us customize your menu based on your vision and our discussion. We’re happy to customize every aspect of your menu. Don’t hesitate to ask Chef Michael to prepare whatever fare you crave.

  • Hors d’Oeuvres Menus

Many of our clients ask to see some of the specific menus we’ve created in the past for similar events. You can take a look at some of them below. Remember that we customize your menu, and can include your favorite recipes, too!


This Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner menu was a recreation from the early 1900s. Our clients, and their family from different areas of the country,  were visiting Asheville, and we served this buffet at the Honey Hill Inn in Candler.  Celery Bisque, Aspic, Creamed Onions - we were to follow a couple of specific family recipes, which we did with pleasure. It was a treat to hear and see their reactions. You could tell the fond memories that showed in the reminiscent eyes of the dinner guests.



We’ve been honored to cater the United Way’s Tocqueville Society Donor Appreciate Event for several years. Here’s one of the menus we presented.


For many years, a wonderful private school in the community welcomed parents of new and returning students with a Parent Reception at the home of the Head of School. We’ve been honored to cater these winter events many times. There was a brief program followed by a light dinner made up from a combination of passed Hors d’Oeuvres and a buffet presentation.



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