Themed Buffet Dinner Menu

The Carnivore 

House Salad with Garden Vegetables, Buttermilk Ranch & Vinaigrette Dressings
Slow Roasted Prime Rib of Beef au jus
Roasted Pork Loin Stuffed with Seasonal Fruit Compote and Reduction Sauce
Sautéed Medley of Seasonal Vegetables
Potatoes Au Gratin


The Big Easy 

House Salad with Garden Vegetables
Oysters on the Half Shell ~or~ Peel & Eat Shrimp
Louisiana Lump Crab Cakes with Creole Sauce
Chicken and Andouille Sausage Jambalaya
Blackened ~or~ Grilled Salmon with Brown Butter Sauce
Broiled Tomatoes with Parmesan & Herbs
Red Beans & Rice 


Carolina Pig Pickin’ 

Home Made Creamy Cole Slaw
Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Barbecue
Roasted Chicken with a Vinegar Barbecue Sauce
Yellow Squash Casserole
Southern Green Beans
Hush Puppies
Sandwich Buns


Black Forest 

Mixed Green Salad & Warm Apple Cider-Bacon Vinaigrette
Kirsch-Schnitzel (Veal Cutlets with a Cherry Sauce)
Grilled Chicken Fricassee
Spätzle with Sautéed Onions ~or~ Roasted Red Potatoes
Green Beans with Dill ~or~ Brussel Sprouts in Beer


That’s Amore Italian Buffet 

Antipasto Green Salad
Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Pepperoncini, Red Onion, Garbanzos, Tomatoes, Italian Dressing
Homemade Garlic Focaccia Bread
Chicken Parmigiana
Lightly Breaded Chicken Breast Topped with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella
Shrimp Provençale
Sautéed with Tomatoes, Garlic, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Baked Cheese Manicotti with Marinara or Meat Sauce
Italian Vegetable Saute
Squash, Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes, Onion, Black Olives


Simply Asian 

Asian Kale Salad
Baby spinach, Napa cabbage, and Kale with Toasted Almonds, Sugar Snap Peas,
ater Chestnuts, Shredded Carrots, Green Onions, and Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette
Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce
Ahi Tuna with Orange-Cinnamon Sauce
Teriyaki Beef Skewers with Broccoli, Onions & Peppers
Vegetable Fried Rice
Stir Fried Broccol


South of the Border
Our Mexican Themed Buffet 

Green Salad with Tomatoes, Onions, and Avocado Dressing
Beef & Cheese Enchiladas
Yellowtail Vera Cruz
Mexican Rice
Refried Beans
Corn Chips
Homemade Salsa
Chopped Onion, Fresh Cilantro, and Lime


El Sudamericano
Our South American Buffet combines the flavors of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and Colombia – Yum! 

House Salad with Avocado
Churrasco (Grilled Seasoned Skirt Steak) with Homemade Classic Chimichurri Sauce
Chicharrones de Pollo (Cuban-Style Fried Chicken Strips)
Brazilian Black Beans & Rice Seasoned with Bacon, Onions, and Garlic, Served with Diced Onion & Cilantro
Colombian Potatoes with Traditional Cheese Sauce, Onions and Tomatoes on the Side
Platanos Maduros (Fried Sweet Plantains)


The Mediterranean 

 Classic Chopped Greek Salad
Baked Moussaka with Beef, Eggplant and Tomato Sauce
Artichoke & Black Olive Marinated Chicken
Classic Greek Spinach
Paleo Greek Cauliflower “Rice”

Greek style thick puree of mashed potatoes, crushed garlic, and more deliciousness.



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